From exploring historical monuments such as Diocletian's Palace to relaxing on the beautiful beaches.

Regular, direct flights from all over Europe

Direct flights to Split take approximately one hour (from Prague). You can get there comfortably with Croatia Airlines, Eurowings, Austrian Airlines or Lufthansa.

Less than thirty minutes from the airport

Podstrana is a quiet place located in less than 30 minutes from the airport. It is a picturesque village located in Split-Dalmatia County on the Adriatic coast. It is mainly known for its beautiful beaches, azure sea and pleasant Mediterranean climate.

Undisturbed peace and quiet

Close to amenities yet far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Podstrana is an interesting place located only 8 km from Split, which is known for its friendly inhabitants, good cuisine, 9 km of beautiful beaches, in addition to its rich cultural heritage, olives, wine and peaches.

Beautiful beaches with a shallow entrance to the sea

The beaches in Podstrana stretch over 6 kilometres, most of them are pebble beaches with crystal clear water. The most beautiful beach is at the Le Meridien Lav hotel, which is a 4-minute walk from the project. Sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented on the beach and there is a swimming pool, café and restaurant right next to the beach inside the hotel complex. There is also a large variety of sport activities such as windsurfing, sailing, water skiing etc.

History of Podstrana

Podstrana is full of old villas, and Renaissance palaces. The first known settlers were the Illyrians, who inhabited the oldest part of the city, the "Pituntium". Numerous monuments and archaeological finds testify to the city's turbulent past. History lovers can visit the old town, the House of Cider, the Church of St. George of Perun, the stone statue of the Virgin Mary, the statue of St. Anthony of Padua, the Church of St. Anthony and Rocco, the Church of St. Fabian, the remains of the ancient villa at Our Lady of Sita and many more. Among the archaeological finds you can visit the megalithic stones of the original walls of Pituntium, Pišćenica Hill, part of the Roman mosaic in the old cemetery of St. Martin, the Illyrian castle (today's old town), the remains of a Roman stone mill, the torso of a Roman god and many others.

Mountains and hiking

Hiking enthusiasts will also find something to enjoy. Marked hiking trails start in Strozanac at Perun Quarry, Mutogras and Gornja Podstrana and are connected to the north side of Perun Hill. Perun has become a very popular hiking destination in recent years, where you can enjoy various hiking activities and routes thanks to the well-maintained trails. With a total length of 17 kilometres, there is plenty to see and walk for hikers. Beautifully groomed and marked trails, maintained by the Perun Climbing Association from Podstrana, await you. The highest point of Perun is Križ, situated at an altitude of 553 m above the village of Gornja Podstrana. The trail will reward you with amazing views of many natural, cultural and historical attractions, including prehistoric Illyrian ritual mounds and four medieval chapels.