Living by the Adriatic sea, combining modern architecture with history

The unique 54 apartments, 18 penthouses and 18 studios in the Heritage Split Project offer variable solutions to meet different needs and desires. Whether you are looking for a cosy weekend apartment, a smaller studio, a generous penthouse, the intimacy of your own garden or impressive views of the mountains or sparkling sea.

Plaster walls

Smooth and even wall surface ready for painting or other decorative finishing, according to your preference.

Central heat pumps

A central heat pump system for apartment buildings offers an efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling solution that allows residents to enjoy consistent indoor comfort year-round, while significantly reducing energy consumption and utility bills than separate heat systems for individual apartments. This centralized approach also simplifies maintenance and management and promotes sustainability, reducing the carbon footprint while providing more comfortable living for all residents.

Underfloor heating

Maximum thermal comfort and minimum operating costs.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a key element to ensure a comfortable stay even during the hot summer period. Modern, high-quality air conditioning systems also offer advanced features such as energy efficiency, air purification or intelligent control to ensure optimal energy consumption.

Eco-friendly and economical living

Visual concrete

Outdoor shading  

Provides effective protection from sunlight and poor weather conditions, but also allows us to customize the amount of light and privacy to our needs. A wide selection of materials allow us to create functional and elegantly designed shading.

Unique architecture

Timeless design

High quality standards


A view you won't get tired of and that you can experience every day. Imagine sipping a glass of wine, enjoying a stunning sunset over the sparkling sea from the terrace of your holiday apartment.


Gardens and private relaxation zones

Garages and cellars

Central security and CCTV system


The idea of finding a relaxed holiday atmosphere is at the heart of Qarta's Heritage design. A fully functional complex of this size is quite unique in the wider area of the capital Split, the site newly becomes a true centre of community life in the suburban area while fully integrating modern architectural influences on a European scale.


H2O Group benefits not only from its many years of experience in the field of investment construction and consulting, but above all from its approach to the investor. The company's basic ambition is to constantly exceed their expectations. Furthermore, we have expanded our business sphere to include development activities, mainly in the area of residential housing

Your second home, where you can forget the problems of everyday life.